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The Intelligent Interactive Systems group

The Intelligent Interactive Systems group will commence a new project examining the solution principles relevant to effective geospatial annotation in mixed reality.  This project is made possible thanks to the generous financial support of the Trimble Fund 2017.  The project will design and evaluate geospatial annotation techniques specifically suited for use with optical see-through head-mounted displays, such as the Microsoft HoloLens.  A particular focus will be the exploration of the challenge of generating spatialized text, arrows and drawings that a designer/engineer might require to create virtual markups of the physical or mixed-virtual-physical world.  A secondary objective of the project is the development of evaluation techniques for see-through HMDs that minimise the amount of user testing and design iterations required.  The research outcomes of the project will be proof-of-concept software and the identification of empirically motivated solution principles relevant to designing mixed reality interfaces for geospatial annotation tasks typical in the AEC industry.