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Trimble 2018

Application for research funds
Applications are invited from within the University of Cambridge for research funds of up to £50k to be spent during 2018 on areas of research relevant to Trimble Inc.  Areas of interest to Trimble include construction, logistics, operations and sensing. Applications are invited from anyone with PI status.  Monies may be used for equipment, consumables, travel and support for staff and students (staff employment costs only will attract a 30% overhead charge).  The fund aims to operate in a lightweight manner, with the application consisting of a short description of the proposed project and a budget, with a short report required at the end of the project.  It is hoped that a number of small projects will be funded, and that the monies will: match funds from other sources whenever possible; support work that could be transformative rather than incremental; create a ‘honey pot’ that attracts the best students, staff and ideas to this field.

Applications should consist of a short summary of up to 400 words describing the project, and a budget.  Applications should be sent to before Friday 29 September 2017.

Intellectual property generated by the project will remain with the University, but Trimble does have some rights: details are contained within Section 5 of the Framework Agreement which is available to download

Please click here to view a table listing research proposals suggested by Trimble.